It all started with the cookie. But the gig is up and we are ready to bid those farewell. The death of the cookie doesn’t bring with it the death of targeted advertising. It’s time to reset your strategy, and first-party data has to play a part.

Our new ebook will show you how there’s no need to panic. You'll learn:

  • How we allow you to tie a prospect’s IP addresses to their email domain—regardless of device—to target them when they’re engaged.
  • How Unified ID 2.0 gives you more precision and certainty in targeting while maintaining customer privacy and consent in reporting and attribution.
  • How you can use contextual data, layered on top of IP data for a 360° view of who a user is and what they’re interested in, enabling targeting with insane accuracy.
  • How your team can leverage email and chat experiences to snag important real-time information that will show you insights into a prospect’s intent and readiness.