Account-Based Execution

What is the Terminus
Account-Based Platform?

Terminus helps B2B organizations drive and accelerate pipeline with deep account intelligence, sophisticated multi-channel digital advertising, in-CRM sales enablement tools, and out-of-the-box revenue and attribution reporting.

Account-Based Reporting


Email Signature Software

What is Sigstr email 
signature marketing?

Sigstr gives B2B organizations the ability to target their top accounts with relevant ads where they're spending the majority of their day - the inbox - and adds buying intent signals and relationship analytics to unify revenue teams.

Terminus + Sigstr:

Better account-based marketing, from ads to employee email

The world’s best ABM platform acquires the top 
1-to-1 advertising channel

From anonymous web activity, to AI-powered engagement and intent signals, and account-penetration via relationship scoring - Terminus and Sigstr can power your marketing with the most complete account intelligence available.

Terminus is redefining what it means to be an ABM platform, again.

IN 2018
Terminus acquired the marketing attribution and pipeline reporting platform Brightfunnel to make it easier for B2B marketers to report 
on their efforts through an 
account-based lens and optimize performance.

Faster multi-channel orchestration across Display, Social, and Email

Aligned messaging across entire customer lifecycle

Actionable intent, engagement, and relationship data

Clearer full-funnel reporting

IN 2019
We announced deeper integration partnerships with Bombora and G2 to deliver best-in-class, compliant intent data to help our customers target the right accounts at the right time.

NOW, IN 2020
We’re adding Sigstr as both a new channel and integrating their exclusive, proprietary relationship data, so that our customers can better orchestrate surround-sound ABM campaigns across the entire customer lifecycle and iterate on their success. 

Customer Lifecycle

Intent Data

Engagement Data

Relationship Data

The buyer begins the research phase which triggers account-based ads across Display and Social.

The buying committee visits high-value pages on your website, triggering sales alerts and personalized outreach.

Your sales team engages multiple members of the buying committee and tracks account penetration via their relationship score.

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