The 2021 Terminus September Issue:
B2B Marketing’s Top Campaign Trends + Examples to Inspire You to Think Bigger and Bolder About Every Channel


How are today’s best marketers making their multi-channel ad campaigns stand out? Bold designs. Strong themes. Thoughtful placement.

That’s what the Terminus September Issue is all about. This resource serves as a source of inspiration for marketers looking for bold ideas for their multi-channel digital campaigns. But most importantly, it also celebrates the creativity of our amazing customers. In fact, Terminus customers have launched so many noteworthy campaigns that this year’s issue features triple digit examples (which means even more inspiration for you)!

This resource will provide you with:

  • 100+ ideas for your next ABM campaign - straight from Terminus customers.
  • 20+ multi-channel ABM examples across digital advertising, email, chat, and LinkedIn.
  • Campaigns organized and labeled by lifecycle stage, use case, and media type.
  • The most creative design and copy ideas to use for your next ABM campaign.