A fun and consumable field guide showing best practices and pitfall warnings for the different types of intent data available today.

Calling all target account adventurers, data diggers, and persona pioneers: your field guide is finally here.

Intent data is super crucial for a true account-driven go-to-market strategy. But also - when not collected properly - it can get you in really sticky situations. So, it’s nuanced. That’s precisely why we put together this handy infographic, which serves as a reference point for intent data that every marketer can keep on-hand. It’s here to remind you what intent data is, where you can find it (safely), and why it’s useful.

This guide is helpful for:

    • Identifying and defining intent data (and emphasizing that there are some bad types of intent data).
    • Learning about different types of intent data, where it’s found, and how it’s applied to your marketing/sales strategy.
    • Seeing how it’s used to help refine TAM and TRM.
    • Knowing which intent data is applied within Terminus (and why we only use the good, non-problematic intent data).


    Ready to dive in, explorer? Your guide awaits.