The Modern Guide to Outbound Sales & Marketing:

The State of Outbound Selling Today, How Marketing Can Help, and Bold Predictions on What’s Next

Whether you’re a junior sales development rep or an experienced account executive, your world has completely changed this year and has brought with it new challenges for today’s outbound seller. This guide will help sales and marketing teams navigate this new digital-first world and find ways to thrive.

This guide will provide you with:

  • A detailed description on the state of today’s outbound seller. What they go through every day, the pressure to perform, the emotional highs and lows, the strengths of top sellers, and weaknesses to avoid.
  • Tactical ways marketing teams can help support their outbound sellers with communication, content, messaging, and data.
  • Bold predictions for what’s next and how sellers and marketers can challenge the status quo.
  • Direct perspective and quotes from real outbound sellers, just like you.
  • Statistics and analysis from Outreach, Morgan Ingram, and many other go-to-market thought leaders.