An Interactive Step-by-Step Template for Planning ABM Campaigns with the TEAM Framework

Account-based marketing is transforming marketing, sales, and CS teams into full-funnel revenue generators. “Transforming”...yeah, we understand how that could be a little daunting. Which is exactly why we’ve put together a workbook with tons of inspiration, worksheets, and info to make these necessary transformation a little less scary (and a lot more fun).

Use the Terminus ABM Workbook to lay out all relevant strategies, targeting options, plays, and KPIs for your full-funnel ABM strategy. It’s an interactive step-by-step template that can help you plan ABM plays and campaigns, and it follows a simple, yet powerful framework that allows you to execute an account-based strategy for your entire revenue funnel.

Here’s what you’ll find in the resource:

    • ABM overview/”why” statement
    • T.E.A.M Framework explanation 
    • Full Funnel explanation 
    • Worksheets for every phase of an ABM campaign, from planning to launch 
    • Example campaigns